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Improve Your Life and Health

Scientists prove that writing programs change your life...


Improve Your Performance

The future authoring program dramatically improved struggling students' performance at McGill University...


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The 4 Self-Authoring Programs will help you write clearly about your past, your present and your future. You can purchase each of them, or the entire suite (now 2 for 1)!

Each program presents a series of web pages that make writing easy. Step by step, you will be asked to think about key elements of your life. Put your past to rest! Understand yourself now! Design your future!

Self-Authoring will make you happier, more productive and healthier.

For more information, watch the Short Video Explanation, which can also be found farther down the page.

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Buy 1 Self-Authoring Suite, get a 2nd for a friend or family member

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July 10, 2015: Read The Writing Assignment that Changes Lives featuring the Future Authoring Program.

JUNE 09, 2015: Self-Authoring improves the grades of males and minority students: Feature Article at Palgrave Communications: click here.    

Self Authoring programs now offered at the University of Toronto Rotman Business School Executive Leadership Program in Canada and Rotterdam School of Management in Holland (see I WILL program personal vision video, below).

Expansion (February 2015) to high school students at Rotterdam International Seconday School.

Expansion (Fall 2015) to Faculty of Law and Faculty of Business at University of Amsterdam (Fall 2015) and incoming students to Mohawk College, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


  Academy of Management award for RSM professor Michaela Schippers

Self Authoring Research Wins Best Symposium Award at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Management in Philadelphia

  Academy of Management award for RSM professor Michaela Schippers

Oprah Magazine (Christmas 2013):

"But now that I had set forth - in black and white - my best understanding of how the death of my brother contributed to my feelings today, the emotions of my 4-year old self lost some of their power. I began to approach my roles as both mother and daughter with more compassion and less anxiety." (more)



Oprah Online: Can a Writing Assignment Make you Happier, Healthier, and Less Stressed?

One woman discovers the off-the-page benefits of using her words.





The Agenda with Steve Paikin: The Smarter Brain. The Self-Authoring Suite's creator joins a panel of experts on techniques to improve brain function.  

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What is the Self Authoring Suite? Short Video Explanation:


The Self Authoring Suite: Additional Details

You may choose to complete any or all of the four programs. We strongly recommend, however, that you start with the simpler and shorter Present Authoring Programs, move to the Future, and then complete the Past, which requires the most effort.

The Present Authoring program come in two forms. The Virtues program helps you identify your strengths and to use them more effectively. The Faults program helps you identify your weaknesses, and to limit their destructive potential.

The Future Authoring program helps you formulate a comprehensive vision of the future, three to five years down the road, and to transform that vision into a detailed plan. You will be questioned about key aspects of your life (including relationships, career, health, habits, interests), and guided through the process of considering each, deeply and practically.

The Past Authoring program helps you write an autobiography, so that you can produce a complete, well-organized account of your past experiences. It asks you to divide your past into seven epochs or stages, to identify the important experiences of each, and to thoroughly consider the positive and negative effects of those experiences.

Each program requires careful thought, and takes several hours to complete. It is better to complete the writing over several days, partly so you have time to think, but also because sleep appears to aid the process.



There is solid scientific evidence that such writing will improve your mental and physical health and help ensure that your life will follow an interesting, satisfying and proper course.

Scientific Team
Our team has been working for years to develop online programs to help individuals analyze and improve their present personalities, plan useful, productive and meaningful futures, and deeply understand their past experiences,

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